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Volunteer Spotlight: Yvonne White

The word dedication is defined by Webster’s dictionary is as follows; devoted to a cause, ideal, or purpose: zealous: YVONNE WHITE.

Ok so maybe I added that last part of the definition but it is fitting for this amazing woman who has been a CASA volunteer for 10 years. During her time with CASA, she has advocated on 5 cases and a total of 11 children. Many of her cases lasted years past the basic 2-year commitment. To this day, one of her CASA children (now adult) maintains contact with Mrs. Yvonne and she is Gammie to her precious babies. Mrs. Yvonne was largely to thank for helping this teenager out of foster care and establish security and stability.

She just closed her latest case after a total of 5 years advocating for the 4 children’s best interest. These children were returned to their mother after heartbreaking continuances, technicalities, and eventual trial. However, less than a year later, Mrs. Yvonne received a phone call from family members asking for her help. In true Mrs. Yvonne fashion, she immediately jumped headfirst back into the case knowing the heartache it caused in the past and possibly could in the future. She was not focused on the heartache. She was focused on something much more important.  It was for the children. She knew she had to and wanted to stand up for their best interest and wellbeing. 

Mrs. Yvonne has impacted many lives throughout her legacy at CASA of Terrebonne. She has been awarded Advocate of the Year and continues to push forward to do what is needed for her CASA children. As someone who has watched Mrs. Yvonne grow in her advocacy through the years as her supervisor, I am beyond proud to call her a friend. She is a kind, beautiful soul who is changing lives and not even realizing the impact she has on those around her, including myself.

Thank you for being dedicated to CASA of Terrebonne and the many children that you have helped to change their story! 

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