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May Volunteer Spotlight

Priscilla Callais was sworn-in as a CASA volunteer on October 24, 2019. While attending court hearing observations she observed a case that tugged at her heart so upon graduation she was assigned to that case and immediately contacted all  associated parties and her CASA child. The connection with all of the parties was instant. Throughout the case she made herself available for court hearings and meetings. She observed interactions and body language as she listened carefully during family visits and upon any questions or concerns being raised she was always prepared. She immediately tried to find resources at the lowest cost possible for the family. Priscilla understood that in her case the family unit needed to be whole in order to succeed. She provided information, advised, and gave them the tools necessary to rise above their current situation. Upon finding out sensitive information she made sure all agencies were notified and encouraged to put services in place. When her suggestions were not taken seriously, she put them in writing so that all attorneys would know the issues. As the world got hit with COVID-19, Priscilla continued her commitment to her CASA child and family by making sure her CASA child knew she was there for her. During the time when social distancing was put into place, contact with her CASA child was done through video chat, visits through a door, and most recently by writing letters to her.  Priscilla’s commitment is not only to her CASA child and family but to the CASA organization. She is always eager to learn more about resources and searches out continuing education opportunities every chance she gets.  Thank you for coming to CASA with an open mind and a heart for service. We appreciate you. 


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