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Kathi Murphy was sworn in as a volunteer on November 15, 2018. She chose a case soon after and immediately began putting her training to use. Kathi has been a huge asset in her child’s life; both in the foster home and at the school. Kathi attends almost every family visit and the family has all grown to love and appreciate all she does for her CASA child. The foster mom raved about Kathi’s presence in their lives. She has played a vital role in ensuring the child’s         educational needs were being met. At the last hearing, Kathi advocated for her CASA child to be returned home to her parents with six months supervision. The family was thrilled! The child was thrilled! After letting the family get settled for the first week home, Kathi visited to ensure things were going well. Again, Kathi is playing a vital role in ensuring that all needs are being met for her CASA child. The family is grateful for the help, as she has proven to be an asset for not only the child, but the whole family. CASA is also grateful for such an amazing advocate serving in the community. Thank you, Kathi, for all you do!

Kathi will be receiving an embroidered polo shirt donated by Shelly Toups at Artistic Embroidery.


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