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Volunteer Spotlight: Michael Brown

Michael Brown was sworn in as a CASA volunteer on May 6, 2019. From the moment he was sworn in, Michael chose his case and immediately contacted his foster family and CASA child. The connection with the parties in his case was instant. He was able to share his wisdom and provide valuable information to the family that would help his CASA child improve, not only socially but also academically. He made sure to be available at family team meetings and observe interactions with the biological mother and report his observations. He was attentive and had a positive disposition when speaking to them.   
Mr. Brown is the sweetest individual with a huge heart. CASA of Terrebonne is grateful that during his time of retirement he found it in his heart to serve our community and be a child's voice. The family is grateful for his assistance and guidance throughout the process. We are happy to report that his CASA case will end with reunification. 

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