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July Volunteer Spotlight: Carey Redmond

Carey Redmond was sworn in on 8/25/2016. She has advocated on three different cases: two that ended in reunification with the parents; and her most current one that is still ongoing. As the years pass, Carey grows more comfortable in her role as a volunteer as is seen by how much she enjoys working with the families and her CASA children. She has experienced a child being moved, broken promises, and dysfunction surrounding the children. She understands how important her consistency is and how this makes for better relationships, not only with the parties involved but also with the child. Due to her educational background, Carey knows exactly what services will assist her CASA children to become better students. Carey takes the time to visit with the teachers and follows up often to see the progress, or lack of progress. She attends school functions, meets the families at little outings, and ensures that she is at special events to show her support. The relationship Carey has built with her CASA child is truly beautiful. Carey has not only grown in her role as a CASA but she has also taken the time to educate our office about IEP’s and has been very helpful in assisting us to be able to better advocate in the other cases we serve.

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