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June Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Gilmore

Emily Gilmore was sworn in as a CASA Volunteer on 05/03/2018. She was assigned to her CASA teenager on 06/01/2019. As we all know it is an understatement that most teenagers face many obstacles, even more so when they are in foster care. However, since the moment Emily took on her case, she has been a constant as her CASA child has been through a roller coaster of ups and downs. CASA of Terrebonne is grateful for the amount of time and dedication Emily has put into her CASA child and trying to educate those around her about the need for their involvement.

There have been so many sleepless nights and moments of relief after uncertain situations. Because, let’s face it, the moment you receive a call that your CASA child will be hospitalized or wants to take his life, cannot be taken lightly. As all volunteers know, nothing is set in stone. One day your foster child will be in a particular foster placement and the next DCFS is trying to find a bed somewhere else because no placement will take him because of his behavioral issues. That is a snippet of what her case has consisted of: placement changes and hospitalizations. However, at the end of the day, Emily has definitely proven to her CASA child that she cares because she always shows up or responds to those calls during her own family time and outings. Emily, your dedication is commendable and we thank you for it. Emily exemplifies what a CASA is – a constant in the chaos experienced by a foster child.

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