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Revive: Physical Saftey

Saturday, August 24, 2024
9:00 am2:30 pm

As summer ends and the school year begins, CASA staff encourages you to take time for self-care with the 3rd annual self-care and in-service training day, themed "Revive your Inner CASA." This event is designed to help you reconnect with the motivation and drive that inspired you to become a CASA volunteer.

The day will feature various activities to promote well-being and community bonding. Enjoy basic skincare routines to relax and refresh yourself. Participate in team-building exercises to strengthen connections with fellow CASA volunteers.

A highlight of the event is a session on Survival Awareness tools by retired FBI Special Agent Matthew Campbell. He will teach you how to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations and how to react if you find yourself in danger. Additionally, you'll learn about child safety pitfalls and how to keep children safe.

The event will also include door prizes, goody bags, and delicious food as a way to show appreciation for your dedication. This day of self-care and community is an opportunity to recharge and better equip yourself with tools for personal and professional growth. Join us and connect with your fellow CASA community members.

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